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Kathy and Kalle were retiring to Florida, and needed  to sell their home for top dollar, and use the proceeds to purchase a brand new home. They had done very little to the home in the 20 years they’d lived there, and needed our expertise on what to do to prep their home for sale. They had been told the home was worth $900k “ as is”.  With our contractor and stager they invested $75k and turned an average home into a 5 star diamond. Read More

Jeff and Jeanine were moving to North Carolina, and called the Ed Lang Team to sell their home. It had been a great family home for 12 years, but needed some updates. After a walkthrough, we suggested painting, new carpet and several fixtures. Naturally, they preferred not to spend the time or money to have the work done, but they agreed, as long as it would double the amount they would invest, and that it could be paid for at closing. We went right to work.   Read More

The sellers on Ellicott Court, Joe and Cathy, contacted us and said they needed Top Dollar for their home, so they could retire out of state. No home in the neighborhood had sold above $762,500. They knew there was prep work to do, but had been unable to find a good contractor, that would complete this work in a reasonable amount of time. We brought our stager and contractor in right away, they invested about $14,500 in prep work, and we had the work completed in 2 weeks.  Read More

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