Ellicott Court

The sellers on Ellicott Court, Joe and Cathy, contacted us and said they needed Top Dollar for their home, so they could retire out of state. No home in the neighborhood had sold above $762,500. They knew there was prep work to do, but had been unable to find a good contractor, that would complete this work in a reasonable amount of time. We brought our stager and contractor in right away, they invested about $14,500 in prep work, and we had the work completed in 2 weeks. We listed their home for sale on Friday for $799,000, showed it to 38 buyers over the weekend, and did an open house Sunday. By Monday we had 16 offers, and had negotiated a final price of $900,000. And with no home inspection or appraisal contingency. The buyers also allowed our sellers to remain in the home for an additional month, rent free.

Rushbrook Drive

Sellers Susan and Bruce on Rushbrook Drive were moving to Williamsburg. They needed top dollar do purchase their retirement dream home. We brought in our stager and contractor, and they invested $12,350 in prep work. The sellers were expecting to sell for about $775,000, because their neighbors with the same model home sold for $750,000 4 months earlier. We listed their home for $750,000, and went on the market on Thursday. By Monday we had 14 offers, and negotiated a final price of $855,000. No Home inspection, and no appraisal contingency. In addition, the sellers received a free rent back for an additional 3 weeks.

Thompson Square

Mike and Julianne, contacted us because we were the listing agent when they purchased this investment property 7 years ago. They said they liked how we represented our purchasers then. We came out and walked through their home, and reviewed the steps involved in the home selling process. We then discussed the current market conditions, and comparable sales in the neighborhood. They told us that they had planned to list their townhome for $399k. I told them we could get a much higher price by doing some prep work. So we brought out our contractor and he gave us a bid of $16,500 to do the prep work . We listed the home on a Friday for $459,000, and within 3 days we had negotiated a contract price of $485,000, with no home inspection, and no appraisal contingency and closing in less than 30 days.

Aster Haven Circle

Megan and Dan were looking to move up to a larger home for their growing family. We listed their condo for sale on Friday, and by Sunday we had negotiated an over list price sale, with no contingencies, and a free 30 day rent back. Before they put their home on the market, we had them pre approved for their next home, and were out previewing homes with them, and found one that really made them excited. We put in an our offer and were able to win out over 6 other competing contracts. We made a strong offer, but were not the highest. The listing agent said he and the seller chose our offer, because he had worked with us before, knew our professionalism, and was confident that everything would go smoothly to settlement.

Accokeek Terrace

Dylan and Katie called to us sell their home. We’d helped their parents, and their brother’s family. They’d recently had their second child, and wanted to move to a larger home to accommodate their growing family. They were expecting $425,000 based upon the most recent sales comps. We went out with our stager and contractor, and provided recommendations on what to do in order to get the best ROI. They spent less than $6,000 in prep work. They packed up the kids and dogs and went to stay with their parents for a few days. We listed the home for $449,900 on a Thursday, and by Monday we received 6 offers. We sold their home for $501,000, with no contingencies, and rent back for 60 days.


Pine Street

Dane and Lori called us because their family size had increased, Covid had enabled working from home, and they wanted their kids to be in a great schools system. They wanted a bigger home, and more land to enjoy the outdoors.  Their home was nicely upgraded, but very small, and filled with furniture and everyone’s belongings, so the upgrades were not easily noticeable.

We did a walk-though with myself and our interior designer, and decided to do some painting, rent pods and declutter and stage the home. Within 3 weeks the home was looking like a model. We had professional photos, 3d walkthrough tours, and drone overhead videos, and unveiled this masterpiece to the public on a Friday. We did private showings on the weekend, an open house on Sunday, and received 9 offers, some as high as $80,000 over the listing price. By Tuesday we had settled on a contract for $65,000 over the list price, far higher than any home in this quiet little neighborhood had ever sold for. In addition, we got No contingencies… no Home Inspection, No Finance and no Appraisal contingency.  We also negotiated a Free 60 rent back for our sellers in order to find them their next home.  Out looking for their next home now, and we will update the story, once we find their dream home!

Deviar Drive

This story begins way back in 1992, when Rob and Shari called me, a brand new Realtor, to sell their townhome in Bristow. We sold their home and helped them purchase a nice towhome in  Centreville.  Several years later they were ready to move again, and called us. This time we found them a great home to raise their family in, and best of all it backed to a golf course. Their family really was into golf. Fast forward to present day and once again, they called us to help them move, as work was relocating them to Texas. We met several times over the next couple months, planning and preparing.  We brought our stager in for advise, and Rob and Shari did most of the home prep work themselves, in order to maximize their home value. When they finished, it looked like a model. It was not a large home, but it was unique , well designed and looked like a model. Additionally, they made the outdoor space so inviting and perfect for entertaining. When they had finished, our stager came back for a once over, we brought in all the professional photographers, videographers, made a 3d walkthrough tour and professional video tour.  We began showings on Friday, held and open house Saturday and by Sunday night had 11 offers. We negotiated with the top offers to get our clients the highest net proceeds. We closed on their home 30 days later for $65,000 over list price, No Contingencies and a free 4 month rent back after settlement. Needless to say, Rob and Shari were very pleased, and invited us over to celebrate the success!

Ellicott Drive

Debbie and Tammy, a real estate team from Maryland, reached out to us to see if we were interested in selling their mothers home. We had sold several homes in her neighborhood, so we were 1 of 4 Realtors they wanted to interview.  Their mother was now elderly and had moved out.  We began with a walk-though of the home and recommendations on how best to prepare it for sale. You see there was 30 years of stuff in the home, and they lived in Maryland, the home was in Virginia, and they needed all the help in getting it prepared for sale. We called upon our Stager for advise on what to do to prepare, and our contractor provided a very competitive proposal to do the work. But first we needed the home emptied, so we used our estate sale company, our junk removal company, and movers to get the home emptied. Then the contractors came in and did roughly $20,000 of prep work, including paint, appliances and flooring. When it was complete we staged the home from top to bottom, and then had our professional photographers, and drone and 3d photographers create all the video and photo tours for the internet.  We put it on the market on Thursday, we held a Saturday open house and had 33 potential buyers, over the weekend agents showed it 28 times, and by Sunday night we were flooded with offers and negotiations. We negotiated with the 3 top offers, and by Wednesday we had settled on an offer for $860,000 which was $80,000 over list price, and no Contingencies.  Coincidentally, the exact same model had sold 3 months earlier for only $800,000. Our sellers Tammy and Debbie were incredibly thankful, and have now referred us to help them sell 2 more investment townhomes in Virginia.

Granary Place

Nick, his wife Mill Ann and I go way back. We sold their townhome and found them a great single family home in 2002, in which to raise their family. So naturally, when their kids moved out, they called us to sell their home, and find them a new home to begin their new adventure in life. After living in the suburbs, they wanted to move in towards the city. We met at their home in Bristow, did a walkthrough. We let them know what what to do to prepare their home for sale, in the most cost effective way, and to get them the highest return on their investment. We provided them a seller net proceeds estimate and they were pleased.  They met with our stager and picked out materials, and then compared rates with several contractors.  Within 3 weeks their home was ready, staged and on the market.  We even received several offers to purchase their home, before it was Active on the MLS. They decided to wait for the market, and hoped for a bidding war and flurry of activity. We went active on a Friday, did an open house on Sunday, and by Monday had 11 offers. We negotiated a deal nearly 75,000 over list price, no Contingencies at all, and a free 60 day rent back. They are extremely excited and pleased so far. Now we are off to find them a new dream home in Fairfax City, and the start of their new phase in life.

Stay tuned ….

Black Spruce Way

V and S contacted us to find them a new home. They wanted a great home, suitable for their family, home offices for both of them, and which they could comfortably entertain large groups of 100 friends. We consulted with them at their home and together decided it would be best to find the new home first, then sell their current residence.  They had heard it was competitive when purchasing a home and were concerned about finding the right home. We walked through their home and made recommendations on what prep work made sense, and what was unnecessary, and provided them a market value report so they would know how much to expect from the sale of their home. We began their search in January and by March we had found them just the right home. We then discussed various strategies on how to win this home. Our plan worked well, as we won out over 14 other offers. Now they are so excited because they are packing up and preparing their home for sale.
They are now excited and relieved knowing that their dream home will be their’s in just 14 days!

Spring Oak Ct.

Emily and Aiden were a young couple renting a townhome, setting out on life’s amazing journey together, and contacted us in December to find them a new home. They had never purchased before, were slightly apprehensive, but their accountant had referred them to us. They were tired of wasting their hard earned, and wanted a great home to be family, and one that would be a good investment, and stepping stone to their next home. They’d also heard it was a very competitive market.

We enrolled them in our home buyer’s club, scheduled an initial consultation. In that zoom meeting, we walked them through the home buying process step by step, then discussed their particular housing needs and where they wanted to live, and then got them pre approved with our trusted lenders.  We also discussed the current market conditions, and what it would take to win a home.  It was a great meeting and we learned a lot about each other, and what was important to Emily and Aiden, and what they hoped to achieve.

First we looked at homes together for about a month .They wanted to familiarize themselves with the market, before getting serious, since they still had 7 months left on their lease.

We ended up making offers on 3 homes. The first two attempts were very close, but they did not win. Finally, on the 3rd try, they made all the right decisions and won out on this home over 9 other offers.  Now they are full fledged home owners, their property is increasing in value rapidly, even since the time they wrote the contract. We are so excited for them and are looking forward to a few years when they will take the equity they make on this home, and to help them find a single family home for their expanding family!

Woodland Dr.

Nick and Mill had not moved for 20 years. The market had changed a lot, but they were now empty nesters and wanted to move closer toward DC, and all the activities they enjoy. This was going to be a challenge, since they lived out in Prince William County in a large home, where they raised their family. Now they would need to downsize their home, in trading for a lesser commute. We looked at nearly 20 homes over a couple months. It was a hot seller’s market, and each time we made an offer, there were 10-15 competing offers. The first two homes we made offers on, we came in a close 2nd or 3rd. Then we found this beautiful 1 level ranch home, in Fairfax City. It checked nearly all the boxes for them, and that they could easily see themselves living there. We talked to the listing agent, and figured out our best strategy to win this home. We sent in our offer, and negotiated with the sellers, over the next 3 days. Then we received a call from the listing agent, that we were the winning bid, and that the home was ours now.

A month later we closed on this home. Nick and Mill are very excited for the upcoming move, which will happen in a couple weeks when the seller moves out.

Valentino Dr.

Renee was referred to us by her ex husband. We had helped him with several homes over the years. Now she was moving from her home and wanted to downsize into a condo in the Fairfax City / Oakton area. It needed to be 2+BR, 2+ Baths,  and walking distance to grocery and pharmacy stores. She also preferred the ground level for easy access, and to accommodate her pets.

Her income situation was different so we also worked to get her a lender who would be flexible in those regards.  And finally, she had a time delay, in that she needed to be out of her current home within 90 days.  We quickly got working. And after viewing 13 homes, she decided on Valentino Drive.  We worked with the agent to make an offer that would stand out.  After several days of negotiating, our offer won out, and Renee was able to celebrate that she found a great home. It will be 30 days before she can move in, since a 60 day seller rent back was written into the contract.

We closed on her home on Friday, and now she only has to wait a couple of weeks in order to move in. It is such an honor to work with referrals from our past clients!

Mockingbird Lane

Dane and Lori, are 2 of the nicest and most generous people we ever met. Down to earth, hardworking, and had increased their family size with an additional 4 children. They had been referred to us by other family members and now needed to find a larger home for their growing family. They also had some very particular needs. Certain school district, large lot size for their work , family, and privacy, and a very updated house, so they wouldn’t have to spend time and money remodeling.   And the challenge was to find this ideal home, quickly after they sold their home, since for mortgage qualification purposes, they needed to sell first and then buy.

We consulted with them and advised on what to do to prepare their home for sale. We had out contractors come out and do the prep work, and they rolled all that into the sale of their home.

We then proceeded to sell their home for $58,000 over list price, no inspections, contingencies or delays.  And a free 120 day rent back.

Then we found them their dream home, fully upgraded, 3 acre lot, located in the exact school district they wanted. We talked with the listing agent several times and got to know her well, while it was on coming soon status. Finding out all the details of the home, researching what we didn’t know, and preparing a strategy that would win them the home. Then we viewed the home several times the first weekend on the market, and put together a uniquely amazing offer, to satisfy the seller and the seller’s Realtor.

After negotiations, we won this home for our clients, by beating out 8 other purchase offers.  Dale and Lori are still in the rent back of their current home, but have closed on this new home and will be moving into it, in just about 10 days. It has been an such a pleasure working with their family, and we are so excited for them, and to be part of their new home and life’s amazing journey!

British Manor Ct.

Terry and Sheila, are the original owners of this beautiful home. They raised their family, and lived in their home in Fair Lakes Forest for over 20 years. They know all the neighbors, and are an integral part of the community, and are friendly with everyone around. Now it is their time to retire, downsize their home a bit, and move to another area of the country, where their children live. Of course they want top dollar for their home, however it is in need of updating and cosmetics. They also have a couple wonderful dogs that are an important part of their family, but add an additional challenge to selling and getting top dollar.  They contacted the Ed Lang home selling team, and said they would like to have their home sold and settled within 60 days, and could I do that for them, and get them top dollar.

I met with them, walked through their home making suggestions on the key things that were important to increasing their value, and getting them the highest ROI ( best return on investment).

In their home we focused on the paint and flooring, and fixtures, almost all of which were original.  We had our outstanding contractor come through and give them a very competitive quote, and a time line to finish the job within 2 weeks.  We researched the neighborhood values and the markets stats, and let them know the price range they could expect  when selling their home.  They were actually pleasantly surprised saying Zillow estimated $75k less than what we projected they could sell for.

Once the contractors finished their work, out stager came in and dressed up everything. Next our photographers made the still photos, drone photos and videos, and the 3d matterport tours.

During the prep process, we did our Pre Active MLS marketing, using Social Media and emails, to build the excitement. Once the home was ready, we  began showings on a Thursday, did 2 open houses over the weekend, and secured multiple over priced contracts for our sellers. We reviewed the offers with our sellers, negotiated over the next day and wound up selling for well over list price.

Terry and Sheila were very pleased with the outcome, and just how much over the listing price they received.  Closing went smoothly and our movers have taken them to their new home, where they are now comfortably enjoying retirement.  Dear Terry and Sheila, we wish you all the best in your new adventure, and next phase in life! Stay in touch!

Silas Hutchinson Dr

Jessica and Luis,  a proud military family were transferred to San Diego on short notice. They had just purchased their first home a year ago, and now were forced with the decision on what to do? Would they rent or would they sell? On top of that, the market was shifting. Interest rates had risen from 3% when they purchased, to 6% when they wanted to sell, and it was now summer time and inflation was high.  They contacted the Ed Lang Team on the advise of their other family members, whom we had helped in the past.

We met with Jessica and Luis and learned about their situation, and walked through their home so that we could determine the market value and what would be needed to prepare the home for sale or rent.  We prepared a market analysis and strategies for both options, and came back to discus this with them. Although they had purchased at a very high price, we were confident we could sell their home at a profit, if they did a few important things to prepare for sale. Jessica and Luis agreed, and wanted to sell as opposed to rent. So we brought in our contractor, did the minor fix ups and prepared the home for sale. We prepared our high end marketing and photography, and unveiled this fine home to all the potential buyers on the internet on a Thursday.

By the following Monday we had multiple offers and ratified a contract for $15,000 over listing price.  Our sellers were thrilled that they could move on to their next home, knowing that their home was in good hands, and sold for a profit.


Wishing Jessica, Luis and family all the best in their new home in San Diego. Thankyou for your military service!

Picket Oaks Road

Ravi and Nishi contacted us because their family was outgrowing their townhome, and wanted to purchase a great home in which they could settle into and raise the children.  They had seen us at several of our open houses over the past couple years, and now they were ready to move-up!  We immediately scheduled a home buyer consultation with them. In that meeting, we walked them through the new home buying process step by step,  discussed their particular housing needs and where they wanted to live, and then had them  pre approved for a home mortgage loan. We also discussed the current market conditions, and what it would take to win a home in this competitive seller’s market.  It was a great meeting and we learned a lot about each other, and what was important to Ravi and Nishi, and what they hoped to achieve.

We began sending them the MLS listings immediately as the new ones came on the market. Both Active, and Coming Soon, listings, and whenever they saw a home they liked, we scheduled it and showed them the homes right away.  Over the next several months we viewed over 25 homes. Finally, we found a home that both of them agreed on, that they could be very happy with, and was within their budget. All the right features, great location, great schools, and a private lot with swimming pool. Now came the critical part, of writing a great offer, that made sense to them financially and would work for the sellers as well, since this was a very popular home.

We gave them our Ravi and Nishi several options and suggestions on strategies that could entice the sellers to choose our offer, and they chose the one that fitted best for them. After a day of negotiations, our purchase offer was chosen, and we had successfully won the home of their dreams for our clients. It was a great feeling for Ravi , Nishi and all of us, since we were competing against 8 other offers, and this was the first home that both of them had agreed upon.

This was an amazing home, and we know that Ravi and Nishi and their family will make many wonderful memories here!

Broadwater Dr.

Grace had recently decided to go her own way, and did not need this big home for herself anymore.  She asked her family members for advice, and they suggested she call the Ed Lang home selling team, in order to get top dollar, and sell in a reasonable amount of time, in this fast changing market. Several months earlier it had been very simple to sell a home, but with rising inflation and interest rates, the market had tightened up.  We met with her and her daughter to view the home, discuss their goals, the current market,  the market value of their home, what would be needed to prep the home for sale, and how we could best help them.

There was not a lot of work that needed to be done, but we did suggest to have the home painted, and replace a couple of appliances with SS appliances, so they all matched. Other than that, it was mostly declutter, rearrangement of things, and staging. We all worked dillegently over the next couple weeks to prepare and when the day came to go on the market Active, it was a great feeling. We listed the home and began showings on a Thursday, and by Monday we had 18 showings, and multiple offers, including the one they accepted for $39,000 over list price, and with no contingencies for home inspection, or finance or appraisal. A seller’s dream!

We sailed through to a smooth closing, one with no surprises, delays or hick-ups. Two days later Grace received her settlement proceeds, and was all moved into her daughters home. Grace is so excited to have her settlement funds, and to have the home sold, and has since moved back in with her daughter Maria.

These are two of the nicest clients we have ever worked with, and plan to continue this relationship for a long time. We are their Realtors for Life!

Braxted Ln.


8438 Braxted Lane, Manassas, Va

We helped Ken and Sheryl purchase their first home back in 1998, and helped them with several others home sales and purchases since then. Now they wanted to sell off one of their rental properties. The home had been lived in hard, and no upgrades were done since it was built in 1985.  And on top of that, the market was shifting to a buyer’s market quickly.

We quickly had our trusted contractor, Design Pro, out for a proposal. Together we decided what was necessary, and what would get Ken and Sherly the highest ROI.  Once the tenants moved out, our contractors came in and completed the agreed upon work within 2 weeks. This included Painting, Flooring, Kitchen upgrades and a few other things. In addition, we were able to arrange for the contractor to be paid from the sale of the home at settlement. This was crucial for Ken and Sheryl.

Once completed, we had the home cleaned, staged, and professionally photographed. We then produced all the various marketing materials and listed the home for sale on all the top web sites. It was listed on a Thursday, and by Monday morning we had ratified a contract for $25,000 over the list price.

All of this, in a brand-new buyer’s market.

Powells Tavern Pl.

In 2020, we helped Charles and Shallen purchase their first single family home, but now their employer was relocating them.  I went over to meet with them, and we discussed their situation and concerns, and did a complete walk-through of their home. With the new baby, and two large dogs, there was going to be some work to prepare the home for sale. We talked about the market conditions, the home selling process, and price range they could expect to sell the home for in “as is” condition, and what price they could expect by having some work done to prepare the home for sale. Within 2 weeks the prep work was complete, and our stager Nancy came in to work her magic, and then we had all the professional photography and video marketing produced.

We advertised their home on coming soon for 1 week. Then we activated their home for showings on the market on a Thursday, held 2 open houses over the weekend, and by Monday we had multiple offers. We sold for $15,000 over listing price,  and no home inspection contingency. Our sellers were elated and relieved. The market had changed significantly since when they purchased in 2020, yet still with right strategy to prepare the home for sale, and price within the current market value range, we negotiated a contract for sale, much better than they expected.