Tam Hopkins

On the advice of an awful realtor we purchased our house before we put our current home on the market. Thirty days on the market and no offers, so we decided to consider the possibility of renting out our house to generate much needed cash flow. Ed Lang was recommended by my co-worker and we contacted Ed to discuss the possibility of renting our house. Ed is the realtor that we wished we got at the very beginning: knowledgeable of the current market, forth-coming about our prospects given the conditions and location of our house, and very honest (no hidden loopholes in the contract like what we dealt with).

In the end we decided to stay with our current realtor (he’s the broker of our awful realtor) to make our situation easier; however, I would not hesitate to recommend Ed and if things do not work out with our current realtor we will definitely be giving Ed a call! He truly is one of the rare few good realtors out there.

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