Get Your Garage Organized

Warm weather is finally here, and that means it’s time to do some spring cleaning! While you may have already tackled your home’s interior, there is one spot in our homes that we all tend to put off cleaning: the garage. If you’re anything like us, then your garage is the catch-all place for items we don’t really know where to store. This includes everything from cars and pool toys to sports equipment and power tools. If your garage has gotten a little out of control, then here’s what you need to do to get it organized in a jiffy. You may find garage door screens here if you want to install one.

Gather your supplies

First things first — gather the supplies you’re going to need to tackle your garage cleaning. This includes large trash bags, a broom or vacuum, and a few boxes or tubs to stash odds and ends while you organize.

Clear everything out and clean

While this may seem like a big job, you’ll be glad you took the extra effort. You should start by designating areas, preferably in your driveway, for three piles: Keep, toss, and donate. Then begin in one area of your garage and methodically work through the whole space. Use the broom or vacuum to clean as you go, and remove items and place them in their respective spots in the driveway. Keep an eye out for loose nails on the floor as well as any cracked that may lead you to needing an asphalt driveway repair. You should also look out for evidence of creatures that may be living in your garage, such as spiders, bats, or birds. When you finish you can place items in the trash that you’ve put in the toss pile (being careful to handle hazardous waste appropriately). Box up items that are in your donate pile and make a plan to have them removed.

Check the flooring

A garage’s flooring can deteriorate over time, as vehicles drive on it, oil and other fluids are spilled, and the usual wear and tear that comes with normal use and time. An asphalt paving company can assist you with a fresh coat if you notice enough of this wear, and commercial sealcoating services can provide a new coat of sealant which will ensure you won’t have to worry about this for a long time to come. If the garage is not used for a vehicle, but rather, as more of a workshop and/or for storage, you may want to contact a residential concrete flooring service, as that type of flooring could be more to your preference.

Organize what is left into zones

Once you’ve addressed the toss and donate piles, you can turn your attention to the items that you want to keep. Chances are, you’ll have a wide variety of items from screws and nails to recycling bins. Experts suggest organizing your garage into zones for each of these types of items. Think of your garage as a store, and designate departments like “garden”, “tools”, “sports equipment”, and so on. Once you’ve figured out your zones, sort your “keep” pile into them. This will give you an idea of how much space you’ll need in the garage for each zone.

Plan your storage

Look at your garage and determine how best to store each of your zones. Start by using what you already have, and make sure hazardous items are out of reach. Don’t be afraid to use vertical storage, like pegboards, to store items such as tools or garden equipment. If needed, purchase inexpensive shelves to complete your storage or splurge on a more complete storage system.

Keeping your garage well maintained, clean, and organized is part of taking care of your home. Don’t leave it for later, and have any pros you call in to work on your property take a look at your garage as long as they’re already there. Staying on top of things is a good way to make sure these issues to pile up on you and get away from you.

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