Our Team's Values

We call this The Ethic

Our Customer Experiences

We are more than talk we walk the walk.

The number one ethic of our Team is taking care of all our customers. For this reason, our organization is designed to provide expert service during every step of the transaction — during and after.  At our Team, the customer is at the center of everything we do . We hire experts to manage all the moving parts of the transaction so everything goes smoothly. We have expert staff in the following areas: Sales, Staging, Photography, Contract-to-Close, Listing Management & Marketing, Technology and Systems, Loan Consultation, Insurance, Title & Escrow and much much more! Our customers have an entire team to ensure the best real estate experience possible. We think of you as a customer for life. After your transaction we are always here.

How is this different you ask?

Traditional brokerages (AKA box brokers), have little or no concern with the customer (buyer/seller) and leave it 100% up to their self-employed real estate agents they hire to deliver the knowledge and service (or lack thereof). This means there is no consistent standard of care and minimal service by virtue of the capacity of the single agent. All of this is risky for the customer in the long term and more costly as well.

Real Professionals and Professionalism

We are not Just Another licensee or license hanging on the wall.

Because of our customer promise, we only hire real estate Professionals. This means all of our real estate agents have chosen real estate as their full-time career — they don’t sell “on the side.” They are committed to all things real estate and to the customer not a side hobby.

How is this different?

Because of our commitment to real estate professionalism, our customers will receive an expert level of knowledge and service regardless of which agent you select. Our Ethic means that we trust our own friends, family or children to work with any of our Professionals on our team. The actual market standard in box brokerage real estate is to hire as many agents as possible and let them loose on the public. You won’t find that here.

Our Specialization & Expertise

Gone are the days of the “jack of all trades.” Master or none!

At our Firm, industry standard is not an option, which is why we have our agents have specific areas of specialization and work as experts in their specialty. This means that every customer will work with a team member who has the knowledge and expertise to take care of their specific real estate concerns. You wouldn’t go to a head doctor to solve a problem with your foot – you would go to a podiatrist! So why buy, in some cases, the largest investment you will make from a typical agent who owns no investment property?

How is this different?

At our Firm you work with an entire team of Experts who are trained to help you with your specific needs. If you have a specific situation that isn’t a fit for the agent you are working with, we will gladly refer you to another specialist, or even outside the company if that is the best course of action for you. We are “customer first,” not our bottom line.

Leaders In The Company Are Practitioners and Expect the Same

We eliminate the “Do what I say, Not What I Do” philosophy.

All our Leaders have sold at least one home in order to understand the customer better. Like Zappos, we require team members to work in all facets of the company, including the sales, contract-to-close, and customer response, in order to truly understand the customer.

How is this different?

Other companies are filled with sales managers and leaders who are full of good intentions but have no experience working with the customer, or whose experience is no longer relevant in today’s market. In these companies, the systems, tools, and advice for customers comes from theory or outdated practices and systems.

Our Brand Our Promise

We stand by our brand and you!

We are committed to our brand and to you. We always conduct ourselves in a way that produces positive talk and experiences in this marketplace. We are not afraid of online ratings and reviews – in fact the opposite! We want the public’s opinion as we are confident that our customers will have positive experiences they want to share. In the rare event they don’t, they will help us improve our ability to create a better customer experience moving forward.

How is this different?

Other real estate organizations are more concerned with protecting their brand from liability and recruiting as many agents as possible, rather than seek the experiences of their customers. This is why, in surveys about real estate brands, customers regularly report that they don’t know what these brands even mean. Our Firm is taking a stand now and making sure that the customer experience and consistency matter first.

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