Don’t Forget To Inspect Your Home in the Excitement!

Don’t Forget To Inspect Your Home in the Excitement! Finding the right home, your home, can be an exciting time. So exciting that sometimes home buyers forget some essential steps. One of those steps is completing your home inspection.

Before the sale is closed and the deed transferred, you will need to have a professional inspection done anytime you purchase a home.

A full report can be completed in about two hours and will leave you with peace of mind and an awareness of potential issues in your future home. You may even choose to have a professional licensed in asbestos, lead, chemicals, mold, mildew, or pests inspect the home, too, to notify you of any unknown dangers. If you’re worried about a pest infestation, schedule a thorough inspection and customized service plan with a pest control company right away.

Your home evaluation covers the basics concerning:

    • walls
    • ceilings
    • floors
    • your roofs
    • firewalls
    • windows
    • your foundation and slab
    • electrical power
    • water supply and pressure
    • gas lines

Landscaping, walkways and driveways will also be evaluated. An inspector will note grading and drainage. Any exposed general framing in beams, attics, tile roofing, HVAC and plumbing systems will be inspected, as well. Generally speaking the age and condition of roofing materials, and rain gutters will be noted, too, giving you an idea of your home’s maintenance history. It’s crucial not to neglect your roof and let moss and algae overgrow on it. Water heaters, fireplaces and the sprinkler systems, if applicable, should also be evaluated, as should appliances, alarms, and smoke detectors being left in the home to ensure a safe move-in. The natural remedies from 24h Pest Pros for natural termite control are effective if you’re looking to get rid of termites without using toxic chemicals, visit their website for more info.

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