Creating a Teen Hangout

It’s difficult to predict how the pandemic is going to continue to impact our lives over the coming months. But it seems safe to say that the more time we can spend at home, the safer we will be from the coronavirus. If you have teenagers at home, then it can be challenging to share a living space with them. Teenagers are beginning to assert their independence, and they need some time away from family members now and again. Now is a great time to create a teen hangout space in your home where your teen can retreat when they need to relax and recharge. Here are some inspiring ideas we’ve discovered to create spaces for your teenagers at home.

Treat them to a bedroom makeover

When was the last time you redecorated your child’s bedroom? If it’s been a few years, then it’s time for a makeover. Help them create a bedroom space that is comfortable and more grown up. This means swapping out the Disney décor for something more contemporary and adult that lets their unique personality shine. This may also be the time to consider replacing your old hvac system with a new one with the help of an hvac contractor who can provide residential or commercial hvac services like air conditioning repair. If the room is big enough for a small sofa, then this can make the room feel even more like a hangout space. Add new lighting and have some of their favorite photos framed.

Create a game room

Do you have a spare room in your home, such as a guest bedroom or even a storage area? Then why not transform it into a game room? Having a place to engage in a little fun is critical, especially if we’re once again asked to shelter in place. If you have enough space, then consider adding a ping-pong table. Stock up on board games or carve out space for playing video games. Give them a way to play their favorite music, and maybe even add a mini fridge or pop machines so they don’t have to raid the kitchen for their favorite snacks.

Transform the basement

If your home has a basement, then this is really the perfect place to create a teen hangout space. Giving them an entire floor that they can retreat to when they need their own space can be ideal for everyone. Not only does it give them room to spread out, but it can also keep the upstairs portion of your home much more tranquil. You can create zones in the basement that your teens use for different purposes. A comfy sofa and a TV can create a zone for watching movies or playing video games. You can transform a corner into a sleeping nook with a bed and a privacy screen. Don’t forget to add a desk so that your teen has a place to complete homework or attend online classes if needed.

Give them some outdoor space

Finally, give them a corner of the backyard that they can call their own. Hang up some Lawn Hammocks or get some comfy outdoor furniture where they can lounge. You can make their area a little more private with container plants or trellises. Add some fun lighting so that they can enjoy their outdoor space even when the sun goes down.

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